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DAGECO GROUP is Developer, Project Manager and Investor:

  • A group of companies that started in the real estate and automotive business in 1991
  • Operating in Romania, mainly in Bucharest in real estate, automotive, HVAC, tourism and restaurant business
  • The Property was bought in 2005 and Dageco Group started the development growing from 200 to more than 2500 people working in the buildings.
  • The property initially developed in the 70`s and the main building at the Expozitiei boulevard was used as a parking but its true purpose was to be a strategic building and used as a command centre and hospital for the army in case of a natural disaster or war.
  • Special design and materials where used and military grade concrete making it a unique building and one of the safest.
  • Dageco Group started the renovation in 2005 and used the special structure and transformed the historic building in an office building with all amenities creating a unique working place with a long history.
  • The second building was built from 2018 and the best materials and components where used outside and in the interior making it a class A+ building.
  • Inside it features a special design with different floor layout and ceiling. Some floors are more classic and others have an industrial design.
  • Built for IT workers the ventilation, air conditioning and wiring are oversized in all spaces and can satisfy the highest demands.
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